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Structure of African swine fever virus elucidated

RAO Zihe and WANG Xiangxi from the CAS Institute of Biophysics and BU Zhigao from the CAS Harbin Veterinary Research Institute have determined the structure of the African swine fever virus (ASFV) at a resolution of 4.1-angstroms, using an optimized image reconstruction strategy. The virus’s structural details will provide strategies for vaccine development.

CAS news release, January 16, 2020


Taiwan’s Biobank aims at 200,000 human genomes by 2024

According to the Biobank’s PI LEE Techang, the Taiwan Biobank, founded 2012 by the Academia Sinica, has collected gene samples from 120,000 generally healthy Taiwan residents aged from 30 to 70 and finished whole-genome genotyping of 100,000. The biobank also...

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