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CAS Institute of Microbiology develops new microdroplet reaction screening device, coupled to cell sorting by FACS

The nanodrop system achieves nanoliter volume addition of different reagent components through high-precision micro-volume control. It is compatible with 96 and 384-well plates and can be programmed according to the pre-filled mineral oil plate. The minimum volume that can be accurately filled with a low-cost probe is 1 nL, and the volume standard deviation is less than 11% when the loading volume is 5 nL. The droplets can be by centrifugation. Multi-step reactions and concentration gradient configurations can be achieved by multiple injections of reagents. The  system was used for PCR screening and single-cell phenotypic screening of pathogenic microbial single-cell resistance genes. It was also fused to a FACS system and used for single cell gene expression analysis of animal cells. 

CAS news release, October 10, 2019

© CAS Institute of Microbiology

China shows first pictures of mars rover

© CGTN 2019 On Oct. 11, a first glance at China’s Mars rover was released. It is planned to be launched in 2020 and land on Mars in 2021. China Global Televsion Networks, Oct. 11, 2019

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Strain-engineered bacterial consortium drives fuel cell

A group at the Institute of Microbiology of CAS has described a novel microbial fuel cell. Genetically modified cyanobacteria assimilate CO2 in visible light to form D-lactic acid, which they cannot utilize and excrete into the medium. A second microorganism,...

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China presents first 10MW offshore wind power generator

The equipment is produced by Dongfang Electric who is the first manufacturer in China and the second in the world to obtain a 10MW large offshore wind generator with IEC design certificate. The generator will be installed in Xinghua Bay's offshore wind farm, Fujian...

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China launches polar satellite

The satellite called "Ice Pathfinder" (Code: BNU-1) was developed and built by Aerospace Dongfanghong Development in Shenzhen weighs 16 kilograms and carries three experimental payloads-a multispectral camera, a high-resolution visible-light camera and an automatic...

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