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China expands meteorological satellite network along the “belt and road”

According to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), data receiving equipment for meteorological data from Fengyun-2H satellites has been delivered to to Kyrgyzstan and Mozambique. China has launched a total of 17 Fengyun meteorological satellites, with seven currently in orbit. The CMA has organized nine international training courses on the application of the satellites since 2013, with nearly 200 trainees attending.

Xinhua news release, November 16, 2019

China forms alliance to extract uranium from sea water

According to China's National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), China has formed an innovation alliance to foster the research and application of extracting uranium from seawater. The alliance, led by CNNC, comprises about 20 research institutions and universities, and will...

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China experiments with trash valuation

China is experimenting with hi-tech waste containers, partly according to the "trash to cash" principle. In Chongqing, the user identifies himself by facial recognition and thus puts the "wisdom container" into operation, which sorts the waste using AI technology or...

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China leads the world in patent applications

China accounted for about 1.5 million or 46.4% of the 3.3 million patent applications filed in 2018. China also accounted for 96.6% of the 2.1 million utility model applications. WIPO World Intellectual Property Indicators 2019

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State Council publishes National Plan to Contain AIDS

On 13 October, the State Council published a national plan for the control and containment of AIDS for the years 2019-2022 (《遏制艾滋病传播实施方案(2019-2022年)》). The responsible ministry is the National Health Commission (NHC 卫健委), and nine other ministries or departments...

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Chloroplast DNA barcoding tell Chinese drug from adulterants

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have successfully employed genetic barcoding to tell original drugs of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from adulterants. Extracts of Drynaria roosii Nakaike are traditionally used in China for the treatment...

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Beijing’s R&D spending is at 6.17% of GDP

Beijing, the center of science and technology innovation nationwide, makes science and technology innovation the most important activity. Beijing has a particularily strong R&D system in terms of scientific research management, performance evaluation, rights and...

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