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CMDA approves test chip for multiple respiratory viruses

The virus chip was jointly developed by West China Hospital affiliated to Sichuan University, Tsinghua University and a Chengdu-based biotech company, Boao Jingxin Biotechnology Co. With secretion samples collected from patients’ noses and throats, the chip detects six common respiratory viruses including the novel coronavirus all at once within 1.5 hours. Each chip allows the detection of 16 samples in a single assay at the same time.

CAS news release, February 24, 2020

© Boao Jingxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Chinese-French oceanographic CFOSat satellite put into service

After 8 month in-orbit-testing, the oceanography satellite co-developed by China and France and launched in October 2018 was now put into service. The satellite acquires high-accuracy remote sensing data with its scatterometer and wave spectrometer, and can conduct...

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Huangpu tests temperature-measuring patrol robot

A patrol robot for temperature measurement using 5G network is being deployed in Huangpu District, Guangzhou (Guangdong Province). The robot records where it has moved, and if it finds a person whose body temperature is above a set point or has no mask, it sounds an...

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Evolutionary aspects of the novel coronavirus in China

In an open paper published by Oxford Press’ National Science Review, WEI Xiaoman, LI Xiang and CUI Jie from the CAS Institut Pasteur and CAS Wuhan Institute of Virology draw the following conclusions, based on next-generation sequencing: “The novel...

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