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Chinese company builds satellite system Hongyan to allow 10 cm precise location

According to a statement of China Great Wall Industry Co., the company will start construction of a satellite system Hongyan which will allow users access to their exact position accurate to about 10 centimeters in less than one minute, no matter where they are, The Beidou system will obtain basic positioning data and then transmit it to ground control, which will use algorithms to improve accuracy before sending the information to the Hongyan constellation. Hongyan satellites, carrying augmentation devices in low orbit, will then further process the positioning data and deliver it to end users around the globe. China Aerospace intends to carry aloft about 60 Hongyan satellites before the end of 2022, and then place more than 200 smaller satellites in orbit to form a network called Kuilong with global reach. Kuilong would revolutionize a wide range of businesses including the internet of things and smart transportation.

Japan JST China news, December 7, 2018

Climbing robot can be used for security checks and logistics

Zhejiang University has introduced a four-legged robot that can walk and climb stairs. "Shadow" can lift objects weighing 20 kilograms, is one meter long, 60 centimeters high and weighs 70 kilograms. The robot is fully electric, has a charged operating time of about...

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“Beautiful China” program to be largely completed by 2035

According to the National Bureau of Forestry and Grassland, China will have created an ecological environment as a whole by 2020 and realized the targets of “beautiful China” by 2035. The forest industry should have reached the state of developed countries by 2050. By...

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China connects Tibet to ultrahigh electric power grid

The Tibet – Changchun grid connection is considered the most complicated in the world, due to severe differences in elevation. Transmission capacity is 400,000 kW, with a target on 1 million kW. Total investiment is about 16.2 billion RMB or about 2 billion €. Japan...

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