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91% of China’s cities communicate on optical fiber systems, and 4G penetration rate of households is 77.6%

According to a review at a national telecommunication symposium held on August 1 in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu Province, the optical fiber network penetration in Chinese cities has reached 91%, with 100 MB/sec as the main choice for broadband users. In administrational villages, penetration rate exceeded 98%. The number of 4G base stations reached 44.4 million, and the 4G penetration rate 77.6%. In recent years, China’s fixed broadband household and mobile broadband user penetration rate have significantly improved, the former to 89%, the latter to 96%.

Japan JST China news, August 2, 2019. Original article

“Solar farming” in Fujian province

Modern solar farming has been established in Dongping Town, Fujian province. The area of the project is approximately 133.3 hectares, integrating photovoltaic electricity generation, agricultural production and touristic services. The annual power generation is about...

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Alipay offers software to help sort garbage

The Chinese government has set a goal of 35 percent for household garbage recycling by 2020, and Shanghai has put into effect compulsory regulations from July 1, 2019. 45 other cities are about to follow soon. In response to this move, Alipay offers the beta phase of...

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China’s first hydrogen gas station built in Guangdong

Sinopec announced that the company completed China’s first gas station in Foshan City. It supplies gasoline, hydrogen and electric energy in addition to convenience services. A “Blue Book of China's Hydrogen Energy Infrastructure” issued by the National Hydrogen...

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Beijing launches 4300 5G base stations

Beijing has delivered close to 6000 5G base stations to three telecommunication operators by the end of May, 2019. According to Beijing Youth Daily newspaper, 4300 of these stations were already installed in Beijing’s urban core areas such as the new airport, the...

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