According to a vote of Academicians of both organizations, the most important breakthroughs were
1. Successful docking of 3 Chinese astronauts to orbiting module
2. Successful dive of manned submersible to over 7.000 m depth in the Pacific
3. Start of operation of Dalian-Harbin high-speed railway in an area with extremely low temperatures
4. Publication of a full moon map captured by Chang-2 moon orbiter
5. Successful test of petaFlop supercomputer Sunway BlueLight
6. Successful test of 120 t liquid oxygen-kerosene engine for Long-March5 carrier rocket
7. Breakthroughs in quantum information processing
8. Identification of a third type neutrino oscillation
9. Approval of a hepatitis E vaccine developed by Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co
10. Inauguration of Asia’s biggest radio telescope in Shanghai

Source: CAS press release, January 21, 2013