Based on China’s National FDA database, the following drugs were the top ten blockbusters in 2012:

1. Esomeprazol, coated capsules: proton-pump inhibitor, used against stomac acid reflux (Chongqing Levin U.S. Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhunzi 20130095)
2. Medoxomil tablets, for lowering blood pressure (Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceutical Co. , Zhunzi H20138001)
3. Moxifloxacin hydrochloride, against infections of upper respiratory tract (Nanjing Branch of Excellent Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Zhunzi H20130039)
4. Heparin sodium salt, injection ampoule, blood anticoagulant (Laiyang Biochemistry Laboratories , Zhunzi H20123190)
5. Rupatadine fumarate, tablets: anti allergenic, immune response regulator (Ridge Nanjing Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group Pharmaceutical Co. , Zhunzi H20130047)
6. Cycloserine, capsules: Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections (Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical Co. , Zhunzi H20130063)
7. Metadoxine, injections: against acute alcohol intoxication (Zhejiang Zhenyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , Zhunzi 20130022)
8. Ropinirole hydrocholride, tablets: Parkinsons’s disease, restless leg syndrome (ex -sik Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , Chongqing , Zhunzi 20130045)
9. Zolmitriptan, nasal spray: migraine headaches (Jing Wei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , Shandong , Zhunzi H20130103)
10. X. Tong capsules, promotes blood circulation (Jiangsu Kangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , Zhunzi Z20130012)

China Bio news release, December 10, 2013