According to a lead article,
1. the sales of prescription drugs over the internet will strongly increase, due to deregulation by the CFDA,
2. drug prizes will be gradually liberalized,
3. a new environmental protection law with toughter penalties has been enacted as of Jan. 1, 2015,
4. import taxes on many products have been lowered
5. medical devices will be regulated according to 3 risk categories,
6. private health insurances will step forward,
7. an overhauled budget law has come into action
8. central corporate management will be paid by a basic salary plus a performance pay,
9. lawful real estate property will be more secure, and
10. 338 cities and over 1400 monitoring sites will publish real-time air quality monitoring data (PM10, PM2.5 and six other indicators)

China Bio newsrelease, Jan. 6, 2015