1. the detection of temperature receptors in rice (Qian QIAN of China National Rice Research Institute)
2. mechanism of colesterol transport into peroxisomes (Baoliang SONG, Wuhan University)
3. mechanism of somatic cell reprogramming by small molecules ( Hongkui DENG, Peking University)
4. recombinant H. pylori vaccine (Quan-ming ZOU and Ming ZENG, Chinese Academy of Food and Drug Testing)
5. structural details of RNA splicing (Yigong SHI, Tsinghua University)
6. discovery of a magnetic receptor protein MagC related to animal migration (XIE, Peking University)
7. x-ray structure of photosynthetic membrane proteins (Tingyun KUANG, Jianren SHEN, CAS Institute of Botany)
8. mechanism of necrotic cell degradation (Feng SHAO, Xiamen University, and Jiahuai HAN, Beijing Institute of Biological Sciences)
9. epigenetic regulation network in human primordial cells (TANG, Peking University)
10. molecular switch for long or short wings in planthoppers and pest control (Zuangzhi ZANG, Zeijiang University)

Chinese Bio news release, January 25, 2016