Developments are under the Ministry of Science and the National Health and Family Planning Commission, but private organisations are also involved. The focus of standardization is on sequencing technology, large-data handling and expert systems for diagnosis, treatment and prevention. In China’s large population, accurate health care is a systematic project, mainly to determine the heterogeneity and subsequent approach to patient groups, thereby directly and indirectly involving related industries. Precision medicine has three levels, the basic level being based on gene sequencing. The medium level mainly involves immunotherapy, strengthening the immune cell functions. The highest level is to edit genes and genomes, e. g. in cancer by transforming cancer cells back to normal cells. in 2012 the number of Chinese cancer patients was 3.065 million, accounting for about one-fifth of global incidence, and cancer deaths were 2.205 million, accounting for about 1/4 of the global number of cancer deaths.

China Bio news release, April 7, 2016