According to a survey by China Bio’s Services for the period of 2016 – 2024, the global industrial enzyme market has reached 4,62 billion USD by 2015. Carbohydrases account for over 46%, mainly in the field of food and beverage processing and production of syrup prebiotics. Proteases will add at an average annual rate of 8% growth in 2016 to 2024, mainly in the detergent segment. About 1/3 of the total enzyme market is in North America, but the Asian markets grow fastest, with China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and India in the lead. Global manufacturers will continue to keep local oligopols, major players are BASF, Associated British Foods, DSM, Novozymes, DuPont, Adisseo France SAS, Codexis, Hansen and Amano Enzyme.

China Bioindustry News Release, July 5, 2016