By 2020, 160 bio-gas and recycling agriculture demonstration sites should have an annual output of 80 billion cubic meters biogas. As to bio-liquid fuels, consumption of heavy metal polluted corn and rice grains, cassava as raw materials, and the use of wasteland, saline sorghum and other energy crops will be supported. As of 2020, biomass energy is expected in 2020 to replace 58 million tons of fossil energy-carriers, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 150 million tons, dust emissions by about 52 million tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by about 1.4 million tons, and NOX emissions by about 440,000 tons. According to plan, by 2020 the annual sales from biomass energy will be about RMB 120 billion, providing 4 million jobs and increasing farmers’ incomes by RMB 20 billion.

China Bio news release, Decembeer 9, 2016