According to a spokesman of China’s National Energy Bureau, China’s investments in renewable energy during the 13th Five-Year Plan” will include hydropower, wind power, solar energy, biomass and geothermal energy and add up to 2.5 trillion Yuan. By 2020, China’s hydropower capacity should reach 380 million kilowatts, wind power more than 210 million kilowatts, solar power more than 1.1 million kilowatts, and biomass power generation 15 million kilowatts. The total use of geothermal heating would be the equivalent of 42 million tons of standard coal. Alltogether, by 2020 China’s commercial use of renewable energy should reach the equivalent of 580 million tons of standard coal. Carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by about 1.4 billion tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by 10 million tons, nitrogen oxide emissions by 4.3 million tons, soot emissions by about 5.8 million tons, and about 3.8 billion cubic meters of water will be saved. These developments will lead to the employment of more than 13 million people.”

China Bio news release, January 6, 2017