China is expected to supply next-generation bullet trains capable of traveling at 400 km per hour for Russia’s Moscow-Kazan line by 2020. The line is expected to be about 770 kilometers long and will run through seven Russian regions with a total population of more than 25 million. To ensure the operation, China will test the 400 km/h train in a selected part of the 709-kilometer Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railway line. According to a spokesman ofthe CAS Institute of Mechanics, China will be able to produce cargo trains for transporting regular goods, high-end products and industrial equipment at speeds ranging from 120 to 250 km/h between Asia and Europe by 2020. The CRRC, China’s national railway corporation, is also trying to overcome technical barriers in its push to develop maglev trains with speeds of 600 km/h in its Qingdao research center in Shandong province.

CAS news release, February 8, 2017