The NNSF, China’s agency for funding fundamental research, has selected the 10 major achievements in 2016, out of 41,184 funded projects with a financial volume of about 25 billion Yuan.
• Single molecule NMR (CAS China University of Science and Technology, Jiangfeng DU)
• Steady-state magnetic confinement for fusion research (CAS Hefei Institute of Physical Science)
• Coal gasification directly to olefins (CAS DICP)
• Syngas directly to olefins (CAS Shanghai Institute of High Technology)
• 3D structure of splicing body (Tsinghua U.)
• Local plasma phase control theory, “breaking the diffraction limit” (CAS Institute of Optoelectronics, Xiangang LUO)
• Digital coding and field programmable metamaterials (Southeast University, Tiejun CUI)
• Artificial control of virus replication technology, “virus into a vaccine” (Peking University, Demin ZHOU, Lihe ZHANG)
• Efficient transformation of deep and ultra-deep oil and gas reservoirs by fracturing and acidification (Southwest Petroleum University, Jianchun GUO)
• Unconventional emergency response management theory and technology

China’s scientific publications now share 15 % of global publications, and 55 % of them are funded by the NNSF.

China Bio news release, February 20, 2017