The jury consisting of the “973” Program Advisory Group selected the following out of 278 research programs:
• Tumor immunotherapy based on cholesterol mechanism
• Elucidating the key molecular mechanism of RNA splicing (Tsinghua U., Yigong SHI)
• Sperm RNA as a memory carrier for intergenerational inheritance, e. g., obesity (CAS Institute of Animal Research, Qi ZHOU)
• A non-human primate autism model
• Embryonic development of signal pathway epigenetic regulation
• Co-based electrocatalyst for reduction of CO2 under ambient pressure (CAS University of Science and Technology of China, Yi XIE and Yongfu SUN)
• New catalyst for improved production of olefins from coal (CAS DICP, Yadong LI)
• A stable and controllable single-molecule electronic switch (Peking U., Xuefeng GUO)
• Molecular genetic mechanism of heterosis of rice traits related to yield (CAS SIBS, Bin HAN and Xuehui HUANG)
• Nuclear quantum effect of water (Peking University, Enge WANG and Ying JIANG)

CAS Bio news release, February 21, 2017