The Medical 160 Spruce Online Hospital (就医 160-云杉医疗网上医院) will offer: online references and registrations to other clinics, to consultations, to doctor appointments registration, video-based diagnosis and treatment, follow-ups for patients, management of slow disease, patient education, drug distribution and other services. The online hospital brings together hundreds of senior clinical experts from the top three hospitals of Shenzhen and follows the directions of the national health reform, in an attempt to create a high-quality health care service platform. Future online hospitals models will rely on physical medical institutions and provide rich resources of doctors. They are more conducive to sharing large medical data for achieving precise treatment. Finally, the online hospital redistributes high-quality medical resources, providing patients with convenient medical treatment and reducing medical costs. Free-practicing doctors can freely integrate into these resources, helping to solve the long-term medical problems in areas where medical resources are scarce.

China Bio news release, April 7, 2017