WU Zhongshuai, BAO Xinhe and others from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) and REN Wencai and CHENG Huiming from CAS Institute of Metal Research have developed a flexible micro-supercapacitor for energy storage. They stacked phosphorene nanosheets and electrochemically exfoliated graphene in ionic liquid electrolyte by layer-by-layer deposition. A customized interdigital mask assistance is needed during this process. The films were then directly transferred onto a flexible substrate who showed good uniformity, flexibility, conductivity (319 s/cm) and structural integration. The energy density of such micro-supercapacitors can reach up to 11.6 mWh cm-3 in ionic liquid electrolyte. They are considered promising power sources candidates for fully integrated electronics

CAS news release, July 19, 2017