In 2015, the government has initiated a graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance”, which has 53 members. The alliance is concerned with graphene technology, standards, patent issues, international cooperation and industry support and guidance. The 2016 annual report of the alliance concludes that at present some of the graphene companies have the ability to produce graphene powder, slurry, thermal film, functional coatings, inks and touch screens, but there is still room for improvement in product quality improvement and downstream market development – China’s domestic graphene industry has not yet formed a complete, mature industry chain. in 2014, China’s graphene market size was about 1.5 million US dollars but reached 16.3 million US dollars in 2015, with advances in graphene production and the expansion of downstream markets. It is estimated that by 2020 China’s graphene market size will reach 200 million US dollars, and will have become the world’s largest graphene consumer country.”

China Bio news release, August 15, 2017