According to the survey, 228 out of China’s present 1096 companies related to molecular diagnostics are located in Beijing. Among the leading companies are 1) Capital Bio, with approved products in in the field of genetic and infectious diseases, 2) Berry Genomics, with its Onconi tumor molecular diagnostic products based on high throughput sequencing, 3) Novogene Co., with a complete molecular pathology platform for tumor testing, 4) Lepu Gene Technology, with as a core platform on molecular diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and high-throughput gene sequencing for personalized medicine, e. g., on CYP variations, 5) Annoroad Genomics, with a focus on reproductive health tests, 6) GeneCast Co., a company featuring genetic analysis of tumor markers, 7) SinoMDGene, with 23 CFDA-registered products covering tumor markers, drug-related personalized medicine and the detection of microbial pathogens, 8) iGene Tech Co., with independent target gene capture technology for tumor diagnosis etc., and 9) San Valley Co., with diagnostic products on the detection of solid tumors, blood cancer, genetic diseases, and prenatal diagnosis.

China Bio news release, September 21, 2017