Starting and landing at Pucheng International Airport, the AT200 UAV aircraft completed its 26 min maiden flight on Oct. 26. The aircraft is equipped with Canadian Pratt & Whitney’s 750-horsepower PT6A turboprop engines and an advanced flight control and command system. It is 11.84 meters long, has a wingspan of 12.80 meters, and is 4.04 meters high. Maximum takeoff weight is 3.4 tons. Loading capacity is 10 cubic meters, for a load up to 1.5 tons , cruise speed is 313 km/h. It can fly up to 8 hours, within a range of 2183 km, and up to 6098 meters altitude. It is designed for freight feeder transport and can take off and land fully loaded on 200 meters simple runways even unpaved and with slopes.

CAS news release, October 27, 2017