The robot developed by Regenerative Medicine Technology Co. consists of a compact body and a flat panel display. The user first scans the QR code at the top of the display to connect to the enterprise public number, then affixes the right hand to the body, and the robot begins to measure pulse. After 2 minutes, the screen generates a medical report, automatically sent to the user’s mobile phone. 8.6 for organs and 8.4 for digestion …” The report provides scores up to 10 for each of the body’s physiological systems. In a drop-down menu, the medical report also details the user’s health status of each organ, profile, conditioning advice. Even dry eyes and other small problems are “found” by intelligent robots. The robot collects bioelectric data from pulse points, and generates the medical report based on big data analysis based on the clinical data of 280,000 people. Accuracy is said to be 94%. The company will attempt to combine this analysis with the „500 TCM treatments“ of the Chinese pharmacopoeia.”

China Bio news release, November 23, 2017