According to ZHANG Xueli, Director at the institute, has created 30 cell factories, an average of one every 2 months, for improved production of fine chemicals such as amino acids, rare sugars etc. by metabolic engineering and systems microbiology. Among them are 6 industrial strains of amino acids, e. g., lysine, with independent intellectual property rights which have achieved large-scale application. The laboratory has built a bioplastic monomer cell system, opened up a pathway from renewable biomass materials to succinic acid, D-lactic acid and a series of biodegradable plastic monomer synthesis routes, achieving 10,000-ton succinic acid and D- Lactic acid bio-manufacturing processes. The average age of the team is about 33 years, and researchers under 40 years of age account for 88% of the total number of permanent employees.

China Bio news release, December 4, 2017