Biology Discovery Publisher, a lead journal in the field, made the following rating based on a survey among readers, and has very specific arguments laid out in the article:

传奇生物. Nr. 1 Legend Biotech (affiliation of Genescript Biotech Co. Ltd (HK01548)), Nanjing.
亚盛医药 Nr. 2 Ascentage Pharma, Suzhou
信达生物 Nr. 3 Innovent Biologics, Suzhou
百济神州 Nr. 4 BeiGene, Headquarter Beijing
世和基因 Nr. 5 Genesen, Nanjing
丽珠医药 Nr. 6 LivZon Pharma Group, Zhuhai
华大基因 Nr. 7 BGI, Shenzhen
康宁杰瑞 Nr. 8 Alphamab Co. Ltd., Suzhou
基石药业 Nr. 9 Stone pharmaceuticals, Shanghai
誉衡药业 Nr. 10 Gloria Pharmaceuticals, Harbin

*English names of companies: Dr Xin XIONG’s translation is gratefully acknowledged

China Bio news release, January 3, 2018