According to an evaluation committee of the China Association of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology led by 11 Academicians, the following ten achievements are considered top among 2017 developments:
1. Approval of recombinant Ebola virus vaccine, produced in serum-free high-density culture,
2. Low-cost 3D generation gene sequencer based on single-molecule fluorescence developed and marketed
3. Automated white-eye image processing equipment coupled to AI for simple eyesight acquisition and non-invasive screening for diseases,
4. Guidelines for cell therapy products released, applications for clinical tests on CAR-T products
5. Genetic basis for the early onset of myopia in children discovered and gene-diagnostic system established
6. Domestic PD-2/anti-CTLA-4 bispecific monoclonal antibody for treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma successfully completed phase-III clinical trials and is listed for registration,
7. Early diagnosis and immunotherapy of hepatocellular carcinoma based on epigenetics and unicellular histology, by detecting the methylation level of specific sites of circulating tumor DNA in peripheral blood,
8. Gene therapy of liver diseases by plasmid-borne hepatocyte growth factor enters phase Ⅲ clinical trial
9. Nine-valent cervical cancer vaccine produced in E. coli is approved for clinical trials
10. The first domestic orthopedic robot was approved by CFDA and completed more than 1,300 sets of surgery. The positioning accuracy of this system is excellent. It can be used in general orthopedic surgery of spine, pelvis, acetabulum, and limbs.

China Bio news release, January 13, 2018