In October 2017, the CAS Institute of Microbiology, jointly with the Microbial Resource Collection Center of 12 countries around the world, announced the co-sponsorship of a collaborative global and indigenous microbial genome sequencing program. The program will include sequencing of more than 1000 microbiome samples. Also in October 2017, the Microbial Group Innovation Entrepreneurs Association initiated the launch of the Chinese Gut Metagenomics Program”. Most Chinese companies of this Association, which are detailed in the report, are concentrated on gut microbiome detection and health management. In addition, some try to develop a microbiome testing market, including cloud-based analysis. In December 2017, CAS launched a “Microbiological Group Plan of the CAS” which integrates 14 institutes affiliated to the CAS and Beijing Union Medical College Hospital to do joint research on “Common Technologies for Microbial Groups of Human and Environmental Health.” “

China Bio news release, January 31, 2018