The four major industries addressed are biomedicine, biomedical engineering, biological services, and „health new economy“, with the segments biotech drugs, new chemical agents, modern Chinese medicine, high-performance medical equipment, smart health + precision medicine. Sinopharm has signed into opening its blood products HQ in the park, and In 2017, 52 new projects were introduced, with a total investment of over 50 billion yuan. With a total investment of 10 billion yuan, the China Center for Global Drug Commercialization (GDCC) will soon be completed here. Top talent introduction included a new Nobel team, the Bishop Cancer Institute (J Michael Bishop, Nobel prize 1989 for work on retroviral oncogenes), two CAS teams, and 21 high-level returnees. The park follows he “Expert + Platform + Capital” innovation model, encouraging scientists to become shareholders and professional companies to operate research institutes.

China Bio news release, March 7, 2018