In 1995, China was left out of the International Space Station (ISS) project involving 16 countries and started own developments. China now owns research technology of the whole space station system, and it is possible that China’s space station will be the only working station after 2024 when the ISS is expected to retire and China will take a dominant position in conducting space experiments. With a main control compartment, a large cylinder and a small cylinder, the core module will work to control the flight, power system and life support system of the whole station, as well as provide space for astronauts to work in, conduct experiments and rest. The complete space station will consist of one core module and two experiment modules, each weighing over 20 tons, and can be joined with two manned spacecraft and one cargo spacecraft. The station will also be equipped with a robot arm to assist in installing or dismantling equipment within the station when it floats in space. Training of astronauts for the country’s space station has now started, which include underwater exercises and survival training in the desert,

CAS news release, April 2, 2018