According to a Lancet publication on China Adult Lung Health Research” completed by Chinese scholars, the prevalence of COPD in adults aged 20 years and over in China is 8.6%, 13.7% in patients over 40 years of age, and in people over 60 years of age over 27%. The number of male patients is 2.2 times that of females. The risk for COPD in smokers over 60 years old exceeded 40%. Among non-smokers, the relationship between high PM2.5 concentration and the incidence of COPD was even more significant. The combination of smoking and high PM2.5 concentrations further increased the risk of illness. According to the World Health Organization, China’s COPD mortality rate ranks first in all countries and it has become the third leading cause of death.”

China Bio news release, April 12, 2018