The automatic stem cell induction and cultivation equipment covers an area of ​​25 square meters and consists of six modules: automated incubator, automated liquid processing system, microscopic online observation system, high-accuracy clone picker, culture dish delivery system, and equipment control system. The reprogramming of stem cells begins with an incubator for 24 individually induced pluripotent stem cells in parallel. Then, the 6-well culture plate is transferred from the incubator to the operation chamber by a robot arm in a class b environment. Subsequently, the culture plate is placed in a microscopic imaging system with a 1.2 micron resolution. The entire process does not exceed 10 minutes. The automated process is said to correspond to a GMP-level cell preparation equivalent to 24 persons of skilled staff. The clinical application of cell therapy in hospitals requires stem cell preparation, and automatic stem cell induction and culture equipment has been gradually promoted in research centers of various research institutes or first class hospitals.

China Bio news release, May 18, 2018