The group of HO Lei has developed a fourth generation robot suit using aluminum material. The height is about 1 m, the weight about 23 kg, and the device is equipped with 6 joints and 7 sensors from top to bottom. When wearing, the user fixes it with belt to his chest, abdomen and feet, and furthermore wears canes on both arms. When the user moves, the sensor on the waist senses the intention of the exercise by measuring the angle and the acceleration of the tilt of the upper limb of the user, and transmits the information to the computer. Then instruct the robot suit through the control module and assists the user’s actions by operating the electric drive joint, the smart shoes, the waist support, and the belt. When moving forward, the foot of the user is slowly lifted up by the electric drive joint and the smart shoes, and walks by linking it with the canes of both arms.

Japan JST news release, August 21, 2018