A team at Tianjin and Chongqing supported by CAE Academician QI Jiangxing presented a chip set consisting of a visible light optoelectronic front-end chip and a digital baseband chip. It can support high-speed transmission of Gbits per second, and is fully compatible with mainstream high-speed interface protocol standards. It can support indoor ultra-wideband information networks, home smart services based on virtual reality, high-speed wireless data transmission,  also underwater, and mobile communication in special areas. Whereas communication speed was initially limited to only a few tens of KB per second, the People’s Liberation Army Information Engineering University now seems to hold a record for real-time communication rate of 50 Gbps. After scaling, this chip will be very cheap, making communication without spending money feasible. According to a “2014 European Visible Light Communication Organization Market Research Report”, the visible light communication industry might exceed 200 billion US dollars in 2022.

Japan JST China news release, August 28, 2018