In some office buildings smart delivery robots are being tested to deliver food inside the building. The delivery robot is about half the height of a person. The customer places the order via his mobile phone, and the food delivery staff inserts the food and scans the QR code on the screen providing the address of the delivery destination. After that, the delivery robot equipped with automatic avoidance function enters the building at a set safe speed and moves forward toward the elevator, saying “Hello, a robot is working here. Please avoid entering the elevator, thank you.” After arriving at the delivery destination, the robot informs the customer of its arrival. The delivery robot have already passed one month testing and are said to currently receive an average of over 20 deliveries a day.

In Xi’an, another variety of unmanned catering robot is tested. It is suitable for operating in narrow spaces of a building, and has the ability to turn around and avoid obstacles, also indoors. The built-in space is suitable for placing small and light items such as takeaway lunch boxes and documents.

Japan JST China news, Sept. 12, 2018

China news network, September 6, 2018


Food delivery robot in Shanghai, copyright China News

Food delivery robot in Shanghai office building, copyright China News

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