The group of MA Mingming research group of the University of Science and Technology of China have coated sodium polyacrylate (PAAS) with a polymetacrylate (PMA) waterproof layer forming a PMA-PAAS with a core-shell hydrogel fiber (MAPAH fiber). In the MAPAH fiber, the PAAS crystalline region and the amorphous region coexist and can undergo rapid reversible interconversion, so that the MAPAH fiber exhibits excellent mechanical properties, electrical conductivity, and freeze resistance. MAPAH fibers have high tensile strength (5.6 MPa) and large elongation at break (1200%) and can be quickly recovered after extensive stretching. The PAAS hydrogel acts as a conductive core (conductivity 2 S m-1), and the PMA layer acts as a waterproof and insulating coating, making the MAPAH fiber an elastic wire with high stretchability. MAPAH fiber also maintains the arrangement and orientation of the polymer chains by gel spinning. As a high performance and low cost elastic stretchable conductive hydrogel fiber, MAPAH fibers will be used to develop stretchable electronic devices in textile materials.

CAS news release, Sept. 12, 2019