According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the number of 4G users at the end of 2017 was 977 million, 70.3% of all mobile phone users. In 5G, China is on top of the world with the development of standards and experiments. Optical broadband is becoming standard specification of urban households, and the number of optical fiber connection (FTTH / O) users reached 294 million households. By the end of 2017, the number of mobile broadband users (3G · 4G) reached 1.132 billion, accounting for 79.8% of mobile phone users. The Internet penetration rate in China has reached 55.8%. The rapid increase of mobile phone and internet users has created a large telecommunications business: the total amount for 2017 was estimated at 2,750.57 billion yuan (1,9 trillion €).

Japan China news release, October 11, 2018