According to a report of the CAS Institutes of Science and Development and a speech by science minister WANG Zhigang, 52.000 high-tech enterprises in China’s national high-tech zones – now 169 in total – contribute 11.5 % to the national GDP and export goods and services valued at 30.7 trillion Yuan. Companies in these zones spent 616 billion Yuan in R&D or 35 % of China’s total R&D expenditure. They host close to 3000 national research institutes including 341 “state-key laboratories”. However, all venture capital invested 2017 in China’s Hi-Tech zones amounted to just 39 % of venture capital flowing into Silicon Valley. The report stresses that over 37 % of Silicon Valley’s population is foreign-born, whereas only 1 % of staff in China’s Hi-Tech zones are foreigners.

CAS news release, December 26/27, 2018