According to a rating by People’s Daily, an official newspaper of China’s communist party, the following 10 achievements were most noteworthy:

  1. Discovery of the first millisecond pulsar by China’s spherical radio telescope FAST
  2. Successful launch of the environmental monitoring satellite 高5号 (High No. Five)
  3. Cultivating and harvesting rice in a tropical area of Dubai by CAS experts
  4. Successful test of the automatic pump dredger “Tianjin”
  5. Installation of Tianhe No 3, a class E supercomputer
  6. A nation-wide National Science Promotion Day successfully held on Sept. 15
  7. The 1st World Public Science Quality Promotion Conference held on Sept. 17, with the “Beijing declaration” on mutual understanding, sharing and promotion of S&T 
  8. The opening of the 55 km long Hong Kong · Zhuhai · Macao bridge 
  9. The 3d Future Science Grand Prizes awarded to 7 Chinese scientists (1 mill. $ each in life sciences, material science, mathematics and computer science), and
  10. Chang’e-4 lunar landing vehicle’s successful launch towards the back-side of the moon (meanwhile successfully landed there)

People’s Net, January 17, 2019

FAST radiotelescope in Guizhou © German Xinhuanet