A 100 kWh Na-ion battery (NIB) energy storage system was installed as a demonstrator to supplying power to the building of Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center located in Liyang city. It was jointly developed by a team around HU Yongsheng from CAS Institute of Physics, and HiNa Battery Technology Co. The 30 kW/100 kWh NIB power station will store off-peak electricity from the grid and provide part of the electricity for the building of Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center during on-peak period. Ton-level production lines of cathode and anode materials have been established, an NIB cell fabrication line with MWh production capacity has been built, and NIB pouch cells with energy density of 120 Wh/kg and cycle life of 2000 cycles have been developed.  The performance of NIB packs in E-bikes, mini electric vehicle and household energy storage cabinets has been demonstrated, providing China with a leading position in research and commercialization of NIBs.

CAS news release, April 1, 2019

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