In a recent announcement, 13 projects with a total funding of 267 million yuan were noted. Some major projects are: 

  • “Redesign and construction of microorganisms for synthesis of chemicals” PI ZHENG Yuguo of Zhejiang University of Technology, 33.77 million yuan
  • “Design and reconstruction of unicellular eukaryotic microalgae for engineering of medicinal products” PI HU Zhangli of Shenzhen University, 28.75 million yuan
  • “Construction of artificial multi-cellular systems for biomass conversion and utilization” PI Jiang Min of Nanjing University of Technology, 24.9 million yuan
  • ” Integration technology for invasive adenoviruses” PI ZHENG Junnian of Xuzhou Medical University, 24.37 million yuan, and 
  • “Technology using synthetic DNA for data storage” PI JIANG Xingyu of Southern University of Science and Technology, 22.03 million yuan.

This special project will focus on genome synthesis and high-grade chassis cells, artificial components and gene lines, artificial cell anabolism, complex biological systems and enabling technologies.

China Biotech Blog, July 9, 2019