After a visit of China’s Prime Minister LI Keqiang to Japan, the development of hydrogen-based fuel cell cars in China gains momentum. The official development plan now provides for 50,000 vehicles by 2025, and car manufacturers such as BAIC, SAIC, Great Wall Motors and Dongfeng are now involved in the development of hydrogen-powered passenger cars, partially based on free licenses from Toyota, which put this development on the road in 2014 with the Toyota Mirai. The necessary infrastructure for hydrogen production and refuelling is to be created within the framework of a China Hydrogen Fuel Cell Alliance 中国氢燃料电池联盟, and between 2019 and 2021 more than 40 hydrogen refuelling stations are to be set up in the Yangtze Delta around Shanghai alone. Two excellent reviews by JETRO (in Japanese) and by Elektroauto News (in German) cover the outlook for the coming years.