According the the CEO of Huawei Ethiopia, ZHOU Tianbing, Huawei has launched three major initiatives: (1) “Seeds for the Future”, (2) an ICT competition, and (3) an ICT Talent Ecosystem, at the levels of elementary, secondary and higher education.

  • The “Seeds for Future” project started in 2016, whereby 10 most talented students are sent to China every year for short-term training, in cooperation with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MoSHE)
  • Since 2018, there is an ICT Competition, in which 2,357 students from 22 universities of Ethiopia participated in 2019. One teacher and three students have qualified for the final competition to be held in China. In 2020, Huawei has targeted to engage more than 3,000 students from 28 universities to show their talents in the ICT competition.
  • For the ICT Talent Ecosystem of Ethiopia, Huawei signed an agreement with MoSHE in January 2017 for joint construction of ICT Academies in 37 public institutions of higher education.

According to Huawei, more than 300,000 college students have become beneficiaries of digital research and development, digital education and distant education through their programs.

Xinhua news release, February 18, 2020